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Welcome to my Black Powder page. In here are pictures of all the Black Powder firearms I currently own and are currently being built. In addition are some of the Melee weapons I own for my Gonner and Matchlocker era personas.

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Updated April 5, 2012.

The Melee Weapons: Battle Axes

The Melee Weapons: Maces

The Melee Weapons: Warhammers

The Small Bore Handgonnes.

The Large Bore Handgonnes.

The Hakenbüchse.

The Serpentine Locks.

The Matchlock Arquebuse.

The 16th Century Matchlock Musket.

The 17th Century Matchlock Muskets.

The Wheellock.

The Snaphaunce.

The Doglock.

The Matchlock\Flintlock.

The Flintlocks.

The Civilian Percussion Locks.

The Military Percussion Lock.

The Breechloaders.

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The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author. Please note that all photographs unless otherwise noted are mine and I ask you not to use them on another site. You will not believe how many times I've found people claiming some of the unique arms that I own as their own. The few pictures that were not taken by me were allowed with permission by the individual builder to show their work. Credit is given to these builders and I invite you to please visit their websites in the links page.